The Importance of Diamond Certification in Figuring Out Diamond Prices

If you are eyeing a piece of diamond that you have intentions of buying, you need to have some idea of the standard diamond prices first. To better understand how diamonds are priced, it is essential that you know more info. on how the process of diamond certification takes place. So that diamonds will get a consistent and fixed price, they should be certified by a major gemological lab. The moment they are sold, they should have a grading report or certification so provide buyers some information about what they are buying. This will also serve as proof of how the diamond was rated properly. The report is often made by a team of professional certified gemologists who have undergone formal training to identify every aspect of the stone that they are grading. As a diamond buyer, you have to know how to understand a certification report. In this way, you are making sure that you are not being ripped off the diamond seller before you make an important decision to buy something that is of high value.

Looking at the diamond certification presented to you, you have to know how to identify the laboratory that made the report. As mentioned above, there are only a few noted gemological labs that are offered by each and every country. Some of the most recognized labs include EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories), and GIA (Gemological Institute of America). If the certification report was made somewhere else, it is all up to you if you will trust their report or not. To know more information about diamond click here:

The report number is another important element to the diamond certification that you should check. Each report comes with its own unique and specific number that gives the diamond a mark. This number is being kept on file by the lab that has certified the diamond or has created the report. This gives you the assurance that you can access such information if you want to. For some labs, they will have these numbers laser-imprinted onto the diamonds themselves. This will then be verified on the report under the file laser inscription registry.

The measurements, shape, proportions, and 4 Cs of diamonds are also included in the report. The grades will be listed accordingly from the cut grade, clarity, shape, and color of the diamond. The measurement in terms of length and width will be included in the report. Proportions of the diamond are also listed in the form of percentages in each of the primary measurements made. To find out more about diamonds click here:

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